Our mission is to ensure that we deliver premium customer service and professional skin care in an immaculate and hygenic environment while obtaining maximum results.


Our treatments focus on restoring you to optimum skin and body health.

Full Body Exfoliation + Peel off Body Mask + Antioxidant Massage. 

A glorious treatment to smooth and tone skin losing elasticity. Rich in Coffee and Algae extracts aids in burning fats cells. This detoxing body experience will invoke a feeling of freshness, relaxation and renewal.

75 min $165 
Express Massage 45 min $110


Soothing Body Massage + Thermal Treatment + Paraffin Hand Treatment.

A refreshing treatment for tired, aching muscles and joints that targets tension, aches knots or stress. Includes a thermal treatment and paraffin bath for your hands. 

60 min $125

Full Body Exfoliation + Deep Earth Body Wrap + Massage + Toning Massage Facial.

Banish dry skin and experience a head to toe opulence. Combining the powers of Gold & Aromatic Plants, your skin is left feeling ultra hydrated, tight muscles are loosened and toxins eliminated. Your skin is left divinely scented with youth and beautifully toned for a ‘new skin effect’. 

90 min $175


Full Body Massage + Back Exfoliation.

A blissful and therapeutic combination that packs a burst of vigour. Light to firm acupressure movements are used around the meridian points to correct the disrupted energy flow caused by stress. This will optimise energy flow, remove tension, pain and blockages that will result in deep restfulness and restored vitality. 

60 min $120 
75 min $140

Foot Soak + Full Body Massage + Signature Body Stretching.

Awaken your senses and reset your mind, body and spirit with a truly exceptional experience. Using therapeutic oils specifically crafted for you, muscular tension just floats away enabling your mind and body to transcend into harmonious serenity and tranquillity. 

75 min $140 
90 min $165