Our mission is to ensure that we deliver premium customer service and professional skin care in an immaculate and hygenic environment while obtaining maximum results.


Our treatments focus on restoring you to optimum skin and body health.

Specially crafted to reveal and ultra radiant and fresh complexion, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing away rough skin while improving texture and tone. Includes a microdermabrasion and micro current to deeply cleanse the skin.

60 min $150


Renew, refine and strengthen your skin with a signature facial to hydrate, brighten and clarify your skin.

30 min $75
45 min $98
60 min $125

Detox Body Experience incl. Massage + Supreme Facial

Awaken your skin, turn back the years to youthfulness and bring back that healthy summer glow. Combining the Supreme Facial & Energising Detox Experience you will feel fresh and invigorated with radical improvements in your skin’s appearance and immunity.

2 hours $275


Foot Soak & Scrub + Back Exfoliation + Full Body Massage + Express Facial 

Overindulged over the weekend? Let our angel therapists uplift your mind and body with a foot soak and exfoliation, to kick start the detox process. Next comes an invigorating Back Scrub and Full Body Massage to remove toxins and boost energy levels. Complete your experience with Express Facial to deeply cleanse and balance your skin.

90 min $185